making pasta
We Make Our
Pasta By Hand

See, we think we’re onto something. We love great food and want to share it with you. We understand that everyone is an individual and we encourage it. When you come into our stores you get your choice of pasta, sauce and every ingredient to make your ideal pasta meal. Too much? Don’t worry – we have a menu too and lots of staff to help you choose!

The best part is, at Pastacup, you don’t have to sacrifice quality for convenience. We look after you, by making your life easier, without making it less healthy.

We have  12    stores across Perth and regional WA

Whilst being a proud Perth based and born concept, we are a growing family, keep an eye out for new stores around Australia and internationally.

Whether you are just looking for a new lunch or dinner spot, or want to treat your staff members to a great meal, we are here waiting for you! We are easy to get hold of too.